Sedation Dentistry in Aubrey, TX

Sedation Dentistry in Aubrey, TX

Many people associate the dentist’s office with painful or intrusive procedures. This is a misconception because most dental treatments are not painful, and for those that may be more involved or complicated than others, sedation dentistry is available. We offer this service at Gardenia Dentistry for patients undergoing certain treatments or those who experience dental anxiety.

Why is Sedation Needed?

Patients don’t exactly enjoy going to the dentist’s office, but most are able to make it in order to receive treatment when they need it for the sake of their oral health. Some patients, however, are so nervous or anxious about their visit that they can benefit greatly from oral sedation. It allows them to overcome their fears and complete their dental appointment with minimal stress.

What Types of Sedation Dentistry Are Available In Our Office?

  • Laughing gas: This is a mild form of sedation. It leaves patients conscious and responsive throughout their treatment but helps to relax them so that they can receive the treatment they need even if they usually experience dental anxiety. Laughing gas is useful because it is effective when in the body, but once it has been flushed out, it leaves no lingering effects.
  • Oral sedation: This consists of taking a pill about an hour before receiving any dental treatments. Like with laughing gas, oral sedation will also leave you responsive during treatment, but afterward, you may not remember much about the appointment.

Sedation dentistry is safe and effective at Gardenia Dentistry.

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