General Dentistry in Aubrey, TX

General Dentistry in Aubrey, TX

Some Helpful Information About General Dentistry

As modern dentistry becomes more and more advanced in its technology, many people start to wonder whether or not they need to see a dental specialist for certain procedures. While some dental procedures will require a dental specialist, the suite of services that a general dentist offers are quite extensive. Keep reading to learn how many procedures that were once offered only through a dental specialist are now available on a general dental practice.

General Procedures Offered

The following are some (but not all) of the general dentistry procedures that we provide to our patients: periodontal services, customized sports mouthguards, dental extractions, dental implant prep and referral, to name a few. For more information about common treatments and procedures in general dentistry, check out this quick breakdown of the most popular options.

Bruxism Treatment: Bruxism is a condition where a person grinds their teeth and clenches their jaw without knowing. It often occurs when one is asleep and can lead to major health issues like permanent tooth loss and TMD. To treat this condition, we can create mouth guards and use behavioral practices to help you stop clenching and grinding.

Root Canal: The root canal has been demonized by comedy, but is actually a safe procedure designed to treat a serious tooth infection. Dr. Hua drills into a tooth and scoops out the infected soft tissue all the way down to the roots to remove bacteria and diseased tissue, alleviate pain and restore dental function. The tooth is then filled and capped with a crown for your comfort.

Gum Disease Treatment: Gum disease is one of the most common dental ailments in the United States. It occurs when plaque, a type of bacteria, builds up on the tissues and creates infection and inflammation. Dr. Hua can treat both stages of gum disease (gingivitis and periodontal disease) through regimen of scheduled deep cleanings and antibiotics.

Tooth Extraction: Extractions are usually the last resort, after all other options have been weighed. Common replacement options are implants, bridges, or a removable partial, Dr. Hua ensures every extraction is smooth and pain-free.

Emergency Dental Care: Stuff happens and sometimes you will need to be seen outside normal business hours. We are happy to provide emergency dental care to our patients of record.

Mouth Guards: Mouth guards are dental appliances designed to hold the jaws in place and stop the teeth from grinding or striking each other. We create custom mouth guards just for you to treat common problems like bruxism.

Check out our list of services from the drop-down menu above to learn how we can be your one-stop dental resource in our comfortable office. And while you’re exploring our site, we invite you to take a moment to read the reviews that so many satisfied patients have left. We’re proud of them, and we’d be pleased to know that you’ve made Gardenia Dentistry your dental home, too!

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