Emergency dentist

in Aubrey, Texas

Dental emergencies can happen in an instant. When they do, our team is here for you. Dr. Ryan Rediger and the Gardenia Dentistry team will always treat you with compassion and work to relieve your pain as quickly as possible. We specialize in providing effective dental solutions that allow you to get back to your daily life quickly and painlessly.  

If you’re experiencing dental pain, or in need of an emergency root canal our extraction, call our office immediately. We can often provide same-day or next-day appointment times to help you manage your pain and ensure your oral health. After your emergency appointment, make sure to schedule the necessary follow-up care for a long-lasting smile solution.

  • If your dental emergency requires immediate attention, we can help. We're capable of addressing nearly all dental emergencies at our office.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

You’re going to want to call our team as soon as possible. In the meantime, make sure to rinse out your mouth with warm water, and try to keep the tooth if possible. Try to keep an ice-pack on it in transit to our office.

Broken or Lost Crown or Filling

Try to keep the crown or filling to bring with you. Your tooth is going to be very sensitive to almost any sensation of things going into your mouth, including air.

Object Lodged Between Teeth

When something gets stuck between your teeth, it can become irritated and could lead to infection. Risk of cavities or infection increases after the first 72 hours. Try to get the lodged item out with waxed dental floss. The waxed floss can lubricate the area and dislodge the foreign object. If all else fails, call our team for an appointment.

Loose Tooth

If your tooth is loose, our dentist may be able to save it. Take some over the counter painkillers, put some ice on it, and get to our office as soon as possible. The sooner you get here, the higher chance your tooth will be saved successfully.



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At Gardenia Dentistry, our doctor is committed to providing you with the very best service. We want you to leave our office with happy, healthy smiles every time!  If you are having a dental emergency call our office at 940-305-0408 or  make an appointment online today. Our staff can’t wait to meet you!

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