Dental Veneers: Why Your Teeth Need Them & How To Use?

Dental Veneers: Why Your Teeth Need Them & How To Use?

Sep 01, 2020

The quality and structure of your teeth can deteriorate with regular usage, aging, and specific dental ailments. Often the permanent discoloration of your teeth cannot be set right with medication and treatment. But the importance of a bright smile is immense and can boost your self-confidence. Here comes the involvement of cosmetic dentistry.

What are Veneers?

When the traditional dental treatments to settle or hide your dental imperfections fail, veneers can come to your rescue. Resembling your natural teeth colors, these artificial dental caps serve as a perfect way to conceal your discolored teeth or hide your chipped teeth or the dental gaps.

These thin veneers adhere to your teeth and provide a classier and more sophisticated look. Experienced dentists can provide dental veneers in Aubrey. The dentist can guide you with the veneers that can be perfect as per your dental structure.

Veneers resemble natural teeth and are placed on the visible portion of your tooth to increase its aesthetic value. The dentist might suggest dental veneers to correct certain dental ailments as discolored teeth whose natural color cannot be restored. The veneers can also be ideal for hiding your crooked, misaligned, chipped, or broken tooth. The dental gaps can be a space for bacterial activity, and can also decrease your aesthetic value. With veneers, you can keep your dental gaps clean and hide them simultaneously.

Types of Veneers

If you are looking for dental veneers near you, Gardenia Dentistry in Aubrey can be your destination. A pool of dedicated and experienced dentists is ready for comprehensive dental treatment. Due to its resemblance to the natural color of teeth, most of the dental veneers are made from porcelain.

The porcelain veneers are a thin custom-made dental cap that are put over your teeth. The dentist can measure your jawline and prepare a cast. The veneer can be made from the cast and is placed on your teeth. Often some portion of your enamel might be scrapped off for better placement.

Placing porcelain veneers can be an irreversible process, and once administered, you might need to continue with it. The administration of dental veneers might need local anesthesia, as the placement process can be painful for some. The administration of porcelain veneer takes at least two visits to your dentist.

The composite veneers take less time, and the process can be completed in a single visit to the dental clinic. Dental veneer in Aubrey, TX, provides both porcelain and composite veneers based on your choice and dental state.

The composite veneers are also known as no-prep veneer, as it does not require any additional preparation of your teeth. The primary materials for composite veneer include composite resin, and might not resemble your natural teeth colors. The advantage of the composite veneer is that your enamel needs not to be scraped off, but are not that strong or water-resistant compared to the porcelain veneers.

The Cost

when you are going for dental treatment, the primary factor can be the expenditure. At Gardenia Dentistry, you can get the option to pay your bills in easy installments. The advantage of health insurance can also be availed. Although considered a process of cosmetic dentistry, you can get insurance cover from some firms. The traditional veneers can cost you an average of $ 900 to $ 2500 per tooth, lasting for at least a decade or more. The composite veneers cost lesser at around $800 to $2000 per tooth.

The Care

Unlike other dental prosthetics, dental veneers do not require any special care or extended time. Once the veneers are placed on your teeth, and they get cemented, you can perform regular dental activities. Just you need to be careful in the initial days of administering the veneers of not chewing your tongue or cheek.

Certain precautions like not chewing too hard objects like ice or fingernails, not using teeth to open sealed packages, or not grinding or not clenching your teeth can increase your veneers’ longevity. Visiting the dentist at regular intervals can be a good practice.

At Gardenia Dentistry, we ensure that you get the best available treatment at an affordable cost. With flexible working hours and kid-friendly staff, you can visit us along with your kids. Feel free to book an appointment online and reduce the waiting time.

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